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Study in Poland


Poland is a member of the European Union. It joined the Schengen Area in 2007. As a result passport checks are abolished on Poland’s borders to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. It practically means that persons admitted to the Schengen Area can travel hassle-free between 24 countries of the Schengen Area without internal land and sea border controls, from Portugal to Poland and from Greece to Finland. Although Poland undergoes through a process of rapid economic development, the cost of living is still significantly lower than in most of the EU countries. A total amount of 200-400 Euros is enough to cover the basic cost of accommodation, food and transport. The cost of entertainment and participation in cultural events are also much lower than EU average.

Advantages and Benefits of Studying in the Poland;

  • Poland is at the confluence of Western and Eastern Europe, and its culture is largely influenced by both regions. International students studying in Poland will enjoy the multi-culture.
  • Studying in Poland will give you a European degree at a low cost.
  • Poland is a European country, yet the living costs are still lower than anywhere else in Europe. International Students will enjoy lower tuition fees and cheaper student life.
  • Poland is a relatively safe country with a low crime rate.
  • You can study in Poland in English because many of the Universities have started teaching in English Medium also.
  • Polish visa is not too difficult if you are able to prove that you have enough finances to pay for your fees and living expenses.

Requirements for 6-year medical program in English in Poland

  • Notarized copy of high school diploma
  • Original copy of high school transcript
  • 3 Passport Photographs
  • Scanned copy of birth certificate
  • Heath certificate confirming no objections to take up medical studies.


5,000 Euros ($7200) per semester. This means that the whole year will be 10,000 Euros ($14,400).


Standard Flats of 2-3 rooms are prices at between $250 and $550 per month.

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