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Study in Norway


Happy Students

Most international students prefer Norway to any other countries because of the vibrant city life and lively, humorous people. Norway residents are generally happy and the find it easy to communicate and live among them.  Studying in Norway comes with great benefits such as:

  • Tuition-free Universities
  • Breathtaking Landscape
  • English Speaking Country
  • Good Standard of Living
  • Fun Fishing Activities


If you are planning to study in Norway, then budget for accommodation cost.  Accommodation takes about 35% of the total expenses. The average monthly accommodation expenses including utilities in a private rental apartment is about 1,500 EUR. Accommodation prices in Oslo for example can be up to 1,700 EUR per month. In general, accommodation on campus are cheap. It is estimated that only 15% of the whole student body lives in the campus accommodation.


If you are granted a student permit, you are automatically qualify to undertake any part-time work  for up to 20 hours per week in addition to your studies. You can work for full-time during holidays.
The minimum wage in Norway is 19 EUR per hour (24 USD).

Therefore you will be getting 380 EUR in a week (1520 EUR in a month) which you can use to pay for your accommodation expenses and others. During holidays, you can work for full-time. So in that case, you will accumulate 152 EUR a day if you work for 8 hours, (1064 EUR for a week and 4256 EUR in a month).

You can then use this amount for your semester contribution which is just about 60 EUR, accommodation and other living expenses.

Check your country information to know whether you qualify to study at Norway. The information includes English Language requirement. The list can be found Here.

Some Institutions have their own requirements so you must check before making an application. Applications are made to the schools directly and its online.

Students will usually spend about 250 EUR on food per month.

Other places we can help you study

Global Studies Abroad also helps in students that wish to study in these other countries – Ukraine, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, Australia, Canada, North Cyprus, Norway, Australia etc.

For more information, kindly send us an email at or fill an application form directly following this link – Postuler En Ligne.